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Awesome Activities To Entertain Young Children in Winter Months

Finding activities to do with your young ones can sometimes seem challenging in the winter. My children absolutely love being outside as much as they can but when it get’s colder, they don’t enjoy being outside for very long.

Don’t fret. There are plenty of ways to entertain young children in winter months. You’d be amazed at how easy it is to entertain children so let me help you!

Your kids will learn to love winter months with your help! First I want to share with you awesome activities to do inside that will help entertain your young children.

50+ Winter Activities To Entertain Your Young Children

Inside Activities

  1. Watch a movie and eat some popcorn. This is easy and fun for all ages.
  2. Play a board game.
  3. Play a card game. My daughters are obsessed with slapjack and Uno.
  4. Bake some cookies. Chocolate chip cookies are a staple in my house. So easy to make and the kids love playing chef for a little while.
  5. Read a book together.
  6. Have a coloring contest. Winner gets to have a treat BEFORE dinner.
  7. Build a blanket fort.
  8. Play house with all of your children’s stuffed animals or dolls.
  9. Have a winter outfit fashion show. Then, teach your kids how to fold or hang up their clean clothes. This is an awesome activity with potential of teaching a lesson.
  10. Have a dance show. Put some music on the stereo or tv and get your kids moving.
  11. TAKE A NAP! This is a fun activity if you ask me! LOL. Maybe our kids won’t agree with this.
  12. Make some hot chocolate and tell fairy tale stories. My girls would love this so much. They love storytelling.
  13. Have a nerf gun war. Check out my favorite nerf gun(yes, I have a favorite because my house is full of them). It takes me a minute to run out of bullets!
  14. Play hide and seek.
  15. Build a castle with blocks. You’ve got to have some kind of wooden blocks or legos in your house! What mom doesn’t?!
  16. Have a treasure hunt! Use marbles if you have them and hide them in different places( write down where you leave your marbles so you don’t lose your personal marbles!!)
  17. Write a book. Use some construction paper and fold different colors into a book. Have your kids write a story about their day!
  18. Make jewelry. My kids love making bracelets with beads so this would be such an awesome activity.
  19. Paint a wall. This awesome activity might wind up being a messy one but I promise you.. YOUR KIDS WILL HAVE A BLAST!
  20. Make playdough or slime. I personally have never done this but my oldest daughter could make slime in her sleep. She has made it so many times.
  21. Have a picnic. Make some sandwiches and have lunch on a blanket in the dining room! Don’t forget the juice boxes.
  22. Workout. You would be amazed at how much kids love getting a good sweat on.
  23. Facetime with family. This is a great way to build connections while having so much fun.
  24. Make a picture book. My house is always filled with printed pics because I am so scared that I will lose my phone some day and lose all my pics.
  25. Put together a puzzle. This is an awesome activity to work your kids brains.
  26. Make shopping wish lists.

Outside Activities

What did you think of the inside activities?! Let’s see if I can help you out with some awesome outside activities as well!

With these activities, makes sure to bundle your children appropriately so they don’t get cold too fast because if you live in a state with weather like me, winter temps can be brutal.

Things To Do Outside in The Snow

kid playing in snow pile
  1. Build a snowman. Don’t forget to bring a carrot outside.
  2. Have a snowball fight.
  3. Build a snow fort or igloo. There are actually snow brick makers to make this task so so easy and fun!
  4. Make snow angels. This was one of my favorite snow activities when I was younger.
  5. Go sledding. When I was a kid, we went sledding once a day if there was snow.
  6. Try out skiing. For a kid this might be hard but kids skis’ are small enough to help your kids enjoy themselves.
  7. Go ice skating. You don’t even need actual ice skates. Find a patch of ice and spin around in circles!
  8. Find a stick and write a message in the snow. Just like writing in sand at the beach, this might make some good memories.
  9. Make snow cookies using cookie cutters.
  10. Play tic-tac-toe in the snow. This sounds so fun, I might have to do this tonight with my kiddos.

Things to Do Outside With No Snow

  1. Build a fort. Gather some branches and get to work!
  2. Go for a hike.
  3. Have a marathon around the house. Constant movement will help your children stay warm.
  4. Play hide and seek. This was also an activity to do inside in case it’s too cold to do this outside.
  5. Go for a walk.
  6. Search for pretty rocks. My oldest daughter is very into agates this year and it’s so fun to look for them.
  7. Play basketball. If you don’t have a real hoop, make one with a box or a garbage bin.
  8. Identify animals you see running or flying around. This is another way to work the kids brains!
  9. Jump in leaves. Of course you need enough leaves to rake into a pile but I guarantee the kids would love this.
  10. Go for a bike ride.
  11. Blow bubbles. It is so cool to watch the bubbles freeze if it’s cold enough outside!
  12. Play tug o’ war. Just make sure the kids are safe if it’s icy out.
children outside in winter

This list is of course far from everything your kids could do. But hopefully these activities will give you some fun things to do this winter.

Which activities do you think your kids will enjoy the most? I can’t wait to hear from you! xoxo

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