The Secrets To Raising Healthy Children

The world we live in today doesn’t always show us how to raise healthy children.

That means it’s up to us to practice the best habits to advocate for our children’s health. Sounds easy enough right?

Well, I promise it really is that easy and I want to share with you the secrets I have learned to raise healthy children.

The Secrets To Raising Healthier Children

Keep them hydrated.

When I say hydrated, I don’t mean pump them with juice and pop all day. I know this can be an easy way to keep your kids happy all day, but it truely isn’t beneficial to their health.

water, jump, refreshment

Keep water accessible to your children all day long. Make water drinking fun to them by getting them their own, fun water bottle. If water in general bores them, try adding a little bit of flavoring (yes, there are healthy options such as sugar free crystal light packets).

Feed them healthy snacks.

Chips and cookies for snacks can be so fun and easy for your children but how does this benefit their health? It doesn’t. Make the sweets a reward , not a daily snack.

Some healthy snack ideas are:

  • fruits
  • vegetables
  • cheese sticks
  • nuts
  • yogurt
  • popcorn
  • pickles

I do tend to stock my cupboards with veggie sticks and popcorn chips because I can easily fool my kids into thinking their eating junk food this way!

Keep them active.

Instead of allowing your kids to sit in front of the tv or on a tablet all day, get them running around. If the weather permits it, go outside and take them for a walk. Go for a bike ride. Play a game of tag. Go on a crazy scavenger hunt. Children love when they can work their little bodies more than us mamas realize.

Sometimes the weather doesn’t permit you to get your kids outside and that’s okay. Do yoga. Play hide and go seek. Play a smaller version of tag. Have your kids workout with you(mine absolutely love doing this). Learn a family dance routine. The options are endless!

Feed them what you eat.

If you’re anything like me, you incorporate healthy meals into your daily life. If you struggle with eating healthy, try meal prepping. When I meal prep, I set myself up for success. I am not wasting time trying to plan meals last minute which usually results in settling for hamburger helper or pizza.

Back to the task at hand though..

With my first child, I made the mistake of cooking myself a meal and something completely different for her. That’s a no-no! Feed them what you are eating or you might just wind up with a kid that is too picky for your liking.


To some mamas this may be a no brainer, but I just want to throw this tip in here. Our children deserve all the love in the world.

Maybe you’re wondering how this will result in healthier children, so let me fill you in.

mom and daughter, whisper, little girl and mother

Our children need reassurance of how much we love them and in return, they will mentally live a healthier lifestyle. I know this from experience because I wasn’t always shown love.

Tell them you love them everyday. Ask them about their feelings. Talk to them about what’s going on in the world so they feel a sense of inclusion. Have a mama daughter/son day. Showing love to your children can really go a long way.

Keep their schedule consistent.

Consistency helps your children be healthier because they don’t have to stress over what is going to occur in their daily lives( yes, kids stress. They show it differently than adults do).

Kids going to school daily, is a great way to keep their schedule consistent. But, of course they don’t go to school every day.

When school isn’t involved keep the consistency. Wake your children around the same time everyday. Put them to bed at the same time everyday(I know that can’t always happen and that’s okay). Have meals at the same time everyday.

Teach them simple health tips.

When you think of health tips, what do you think of? Children do not come into this world knowing how to care for themselves. It is up to us as parents, to teach them as they grow up.

Teach them to wash their hands. They need to understand that running their hands under water quick, is not the way to go. I taught my kids to sing the abc’s every time them wash their hands.

Show them how to properly brush their teeth. We need to help them to brush with enough tooth paste and long enough for the brushing to even be effective. Try using a vibrating tooth brush. This may give them incentive to want to brush their teeth.

Teach them about hygiene. Growing kids are active and the body odor will start to show. Help them to understand how to take care of themselves.

I could keep going with health tips but I think you get the drill!

Us mama’s want nothing but the best for our children so helping them to be healthy, is an important responsibility. Hopefully I was able to give you some insight on how to do this at home!

What are some things you do to raise healthy children? Can’t wait to hear from you! xoxo,

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