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Ultimate Gift Guide To Make Amazon Shopping Easy For Anyone

Christmas is my FAVORITE holiday. Shopping for everyone in my family however, is NOT one of my favorite things to do!

So I tried thinking of a way I can make life easier for those of you like me. And it hit me like a bag of bricks!

Make a strategized gift guide for what to buy your husband or kids. If you’re the husband and you stumbled onto this guide… Don’t stress. I’m including some wife friendly gifts too!

Let’s get to it. Here’s my ultimate gift guide to make amazon shopping easier! As I find more in the weeks to come before Christmas, I’ll add to this list! Enjoy!

Pin this for later so you can come back because there’s a lot of gift ideas here.


Children Gifts

I’m going to break up the kids sections to try and make this as simple as possible:)


Help develop your babies fine motor skills with this fun toy!

Awesome Baby Gift

My son was obsessed with this glove when he started teething.

Awesome Baby Gift

All of babies rattles in one easy bundle.

Awesome Baby Gift

My daughters GO TO TOY when she was a year old!

Awesome Baby Gift

It’s official.. these books are going on my son’s Christmas list!! What a steal! 

Awesome Baby Gift

Gifts for toddlers

My son is all about musical toys! He would be in love with this.

I’m not sure this would fit in my house but this toy looks so fun.

Some little kid is going to have so much fun with these trucks.

As a kid, this rug was always one of my families favorite play spots!

Awesome Toddler Gifts

Gifts for kids age 6-8

180 pieces for making jewelry… omg this is great!!

Awesome Girl Gifts

My children have a karaoke machine and they have so much fun singing!

Awesome Girl Gift

Wow, I am mind blown by this!! My girls are getting this mat , for sure:)

Awesome Kid Gift

Would your kids like this dinosaur toy?!

Awesome Kid Gift

This is another gift that my kiddos are getting, they picked this drawing pad out months ago!

Awesome Kid Gift

Gifts for kids age 9-11

This DIY soap is way too cool!

Awesome Kid Gift

My family is so creative. We already have so many stencils but this is an awesome collection.

Awesome Kid Gift

My oldest daughter is OBSESSED with slime! She’s so amazing.. makes it all from scratch!

Awesome Slime Gift

My girls got this magnet set for Christmas last year. Such a great gift!


This Bluetooth speaker is freakin’ awesome! I’m not a teen but I’ll take this!

Phone cases are always a must for anyone. This would make a great, ultimate gift!

This is something that I’ve never seen but this smartphone projector is so awesome!!

I am obsessed with large clocks. This is so awesome!!

Gifts for the wifey

I just had to include this wine glass! This is too funny!! I think your wife would love this ultimate gift.

Someone needs to show my husband this necklace. I love it so much.

Wife Christmas Gift

There is something so elegant about this ring holder!

Wife Christmas Gift

I love the color of this mug! Would you use this??

Wife Christmas Gift

Gifts for the hubba bubba

Totally sold on this kit! My husband is getting it for Christmas!

Husband Christmas Gift

I won’t believe you if you say your husband wouldn’t like this beer chiller!

Husband Christmas Gift

My husband is the grill master at home so these grill spices would make him happy!

Husband Christmas Gift

Okay mamas! For now, thats a wrap!

Check out my stocking stuffer guide for your kiddos!

Let me know if any of this gift guide got the ball rolling while you were Christmas hunting:)

Here we are! I'm Rosemarie, but call me Rose. I have three utterly AMAZING kids. I mean, they are the best thing that's happened to myself but over the years, I've lost myself so here I am. Being a cool mom and getting ready to talk about learning to love yourself while being a mom! Thanks for being here, hope you enjoy!

15 thoughts on “Ultimate Gift Guide To Make Amazon Shopping Easy For Anyone”

  1. That gold and white mug is definitely my style. The teeth glove is new to me. I promise we had every teething item in the map. Lol.

  2. Now that Christmas is fast approaching, I’m finalizing my list too so this guide is truly helpful! There are lots of unique ideas that I can buy. Thank you!

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